Hi I’m Oliver,

Owner of Oliver Joseph Fitness, with the latest Plate Loaded equipment and CV machines.
The Gym is located at Milestone Business Park, London Road, Whimple, Exeter, EX5 2QB just a short drive from Cranbrook new town. 1 mile off the A30 at Daisy Mount Junction.

A little about me

For most of my life I have been passionate about health and fitness, this passion paved the way to what would ultimately become my lifelong career. I first qualified as a fitness instructor at age 16, then onto becoming  a personal trainer by the time I was 18. Eager to learn more and develop my skills to an advanced level I enrolled on the Health Exercise and Physical Activity course at Southampton Solent University. It was here I spent 3 years learning advanced techniques to use with clients of all ages and fitness. After the 3 years I graduated with a 2.1 BSc (hons) and went out into the world to apply what I had learned.

Now 24 years of age, I train clients of all ages and fitness levels, I love my job and everything about it. Despite this I still wanted to do more, I wanted a gym to call my own, one with the equipment and facilities I felt were sorely needed in this area. This has led me to where I am today.

Oliver Joseph Fitness gym will be opening on the 13th of February with the latest plate-loaded equipment, free weights up to 50kg, a cable machine with 90kg on each weight stack, and of course cardiovascular equipment. The gym is for anybody of any age and fitness, I will personally make sure that the gym is a friendly community where everybody can have a laugh, but also help each other towards their fitness goals.

Your health is everything.

I look forward to meeting you